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Account Management

We manage each client's account independently with the money and securities held under the client's name in the custody of a discount broker such as Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. Discretionary trading authority is assigned to Dollins Investment Advisors, LLC granting us permission to make trades in the account, but not to make withdrawals or transfers from it. You will receive periodic statements from your custodian, either monthly or quarterly as arranged between you and the custodian, detailing the account value, current holdings, and any trades made during that period.

Each portfolio may own a number of stocks unique to that portfolio, though in practice most stocks owned will overlap with stocks in other client portfolios. The same stocks may be bought at different times in different accounts depending on the current portfolio compositions and the availability of cash. We use the same strategies for managing our own money as we do for our clients and, therefore, own many of the same stocks.

Funding your account

The minimum opening account size is $50,000. You are free to add or remove funds from your account at any time subject to prior notification of us of your intent to do so.


Fees are 1.25% annually for the first million under management and 1% on amounts above the initial $1 million. We compute the fees based on the total market value of the account at the end of each month; we issue bills at the end of each quarter. Our fees do not include commissions or other fees you may be charged by your broker.

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